A solo entertainer from Malaysia that has been rockin’ venues and entertaining people all over Malaysia and also abroad for the past 20 years.  A versatile & entertaining  musicians with his powerful performance and showmanship that will get the crowd pumping, energized and partying all night long. get profile | see video


Just one night with “THE STROLLERS2” and you will get a chance to revive back those good old memories again.“The Strollers2” have a repertoire of more than 150 hit songs for your listening pleasure. With the majority of these songs, if not all, you will find yourself reminiscent of those good old days. Make a night with us. You will be guaranteed of a wonderful, enjoyable and a very entertaining evening. get profile
The acoustic/electric guitar maestro! Alphonse has been playing music for over 20 years. He does solo acts and performs with his Bands – LaViva & Exodus. He is the Founder of the band LaViva which shoked the Malaysian scene with their repertoire of Latin, Samba, Reggae & Rock. get profile


Rocking every venue all over Malaysia for over 20 years; the BLITZ are Rock & Roll! They are an energetic and entertaining rock and blues band. Rockers by nature and style; their on stage performance is powerful and will blow you away. You have to see it to experience it! Experiencing Bala & The Blitz LIVE is like being at a rock concert! get profile


Influenced by the background of the band members and their previous experiences in other bands. They specialise in dance music, latin american, R&B, top 40s, reggae, Caribbean, classic rock, blues and others. The band has played in various clubs, pubs, hotels, discotheques, annual dinners, private parties, charity galas and sponsored shows within Malaysia and abroad. get profile

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